Making major changes to business infrastructure is no easy task. We get it. When you’ve done something one way for years, suddenly changing to a new way of doing it can be disconcerting.

But that’s really not the case with cloud-based communications. Unified communications in the cloud are easy to implement, and make life so much simpler for employees, admins and managers, especially if they are used to relying on an on-site PBX for communications infrastructure. Communications is one cloud-based service you can adopt without disruption to your operation, and with benefits that can be seen immediately.

Here’s all you need to know.

The problem with traditional telephony

Your organisation may regard its on-site PBX with a certain nostalgic fondness. After all, it’s a tried and tested solution that has served you well over the years.

But its time has probably come. PBX systems take significant amounts of money and manpower to maintain, protect and update. You may have had to bolt-on third party services to create a unified communications solution, adding the complexity of dealing with multiple providers. Costs and headaches mount even more if you’re managing more than one location.

And as far as traditional telephony goes, there’s also the small matter of the ISDN/PSTN switch-off in 2025. Your organisation will have to switch to all-IP communications in the near future no matter what. Make the switch now and enjoy the cost and productivity benefits before your competitors do.

The simplicity of cloud

Because cloud telephony solutions don’t require any on-site equipment, switching is easy. And a good unified communications service does it all. With Avaya Cloud Office from Future Voice, you can make calls, take calls, message, email, conference and connect all in one solution. There’s no need for third-party bolt-ons, and no need for complex multi-provider relationships.

Easy management

Cloud communications simplify admin and management. In the case of Avaya Cloud Office, managers can add new users in just a couple of clicks, assign numbers and permissions and track usage and billing, all through an easy-to-use browser-based portal. They can set up advanced call features like auto-receptionists and custom call flows in the same easy way.

Single sign-on and advanced encryption ensures the highest levels of security are always maintained.

Managers can oversee everything using comprehensive reporting that shows how effectively your communications are working for your business.

Easy use

Switching to cloud communications is also easy for employees. Users are given one number which works across desk phones, tablets, computers and mobile, so they can be available to make and take professional calls anywhere.

And they don’t have to manage multiple tabs and services to get to the communications channel they want. Simple video and audio conferencing, text and email are all available from the same dashboard.

Meanwhile, telepresence indicators let colleagues know when you are free to chat, and file sharing and collaboration features maximise team productivity even if members are physically miles apart.

With Avaya Cloud Office, employees can also maximise efficiency and collaboration by integrating the service with a growing list of over 100 business apps, which currently includes Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and G Suite.

All this is accessed from a simple app, letting your people work wherever they need to work, on the device that is most appropriate at any given time.

That’s handy as we navigate ourselves out of the Covid crisis. It will be absolutely indispensable in a future of agile and increasingly mobile work.

Future Voice makes cloud simpler still

Avaya Cloud Office keeps internal and external communications simple and cost-effective. With Future Voice, that’s even more true. We offer four subscription options, so there’s a perfect fit for every member of staff. We’ll work with you to find the right mix of features and benefits for your needs and budget.

Then we’ll implement your solution in a way that minimises disruption and has your new cloud communication service up and running in the shortest possible time.

The main tool you need to work effectively from anywhere is cloud communications. With Avaya Cloud Office from Future Voice, you’ll enjoy a solution that is easy to manage, easy to control and easy to use.