Telephone systems for the Education sector

The benefits of cloud telephony for the education.

Whole system plans from

£45 per/month

  • No user licence or SIP trunk licence costs
  • Free calls to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Unlimited desktop and Mobile applications
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise
  • Suitable for single and multisite operations
  • Free call recording
  • Real-time and historic reporting included
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The cost-effective calling solution without compromise.

Perfect Pricing

With so many telecoms providers, the original cost isn’t what ends up being paid. Call recording, access to mobile apps, delays in installation and engineering all increase the final price and that’s not fair when that budget can be better spent on improving the educational performance. That’s why the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

Call recording is free and can either be throughout, saving each and every call, or we can program your system so that any call can be recorded, at the push of a button or tap of a screen. There’s also the option for annual support with Software Assurance to make sure your system never goes out of date.

Mobile apps are included for as many staff as you require. And with no user licence or SIP trunk licence costs, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds by switching to 3CX. We can also support your BYOD policy to ensure every member of your team is consistently contactable, for any immediate issues or safeguarding concerns.

Most importantly, our solutions aren’t priced on the number of lines you need installing. We price based on the number of concurrent calls you receive. With free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, only paying for the calls you receive, you won’t waste money on lines that hardly ever get used.

Convenience and Customisation

Our 3CX solutions can be deployed anywhere, whether you require an on premise or cloud solution, using your existing hardware or new. We can even link various sites and schools together, so that universities, academy trusts and multi-site schools can communicate freely and cost-effectively.

Your service will also include the ability to record your auto-attendant messages, or we can source a professional voice-over artist to record your messages. However from our experience, we think the best way is to get your students to record them!

We also include ‘Voicemail to Email’ as standard, as well as extension numbers for chosen staff to relive added pressure on receptionists during peak times. options can be added or removed, depending on time of day, for example only including the ability to report absences in the morning, to improve the caller experience even further.

As staff can install free apps on their own devices, they can be quickly reached, which is ideal for safeguarding teams and Senior Leadership. Plus, you can quickly switch from Day to Night modes, in and out of term workflows and we’ve even designed a ‘Snow Mode’ so you can quickly update callers on the line when necessary.

Seamless and Secure

Data protection, security and safeguarding are all vitally important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. With 3CX, you have the ability to add ‘warm lines’ to your system, where with a single call you can instantly send an alert to security or the wellbeing team for example, to address immediate issues.

Every solution we provide is entirely compliant and secure, including ‘tunnel encryption’ as standard in all desktop and mobile applications. Our services are completely GDPR compliant and we can work with you to ensure all call recordings are saved and managed in a secure location.

Plus, reporting across your system ensures that Senior Leadership can assess the performance of your system and ensure lines are used to their full potential. This also includes wallboards that can become invaluable for reception teams and multi-site educators, especially.

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  • Save up to 80% on your communications cost
  • Enable new digital learning experiences
  • Never miss a call or absence report
  • Ensure quick responses to safeguarding issues
  • Enhance data security and stay compliant
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