Telephone systems for the Healthcare Sector and Medical Clinics

Evolving The Patient Experience with Cloud Communications.
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Telephone solutions for The Health Sector

Future Voice provide telephony solutions to the healthcare sector across the UK. The following telephone systems and configurations are best suited to GP Surgeries, Clinics, Dental Practices, Hospitals and Care homes.

Healthcare organisations face unique communication challenges & there is an increasing demand to be accessible, reliable & efficient always.

To address & manage these challenges, the GP practices need cost-effective communications systems that are tailored to their needs which allow them to spend their valuable time and expertise on what matters most – their patients.

Only through tailored solutions and sector specific specialist advice can you begin to build a fit for purpose technology roadmap that will help your practice reach operational thresholds that far exceed current levels & help you deliver a patient experience that the CQC would deem as outstanding.

After two years of making stop-gap solutions work, Trusts can focus new investments and healthcare resources on enriching the patient experience by reinventing the processes that patients struggle with and don’t live up to modern expectations.

Free eBook: Evolving ‘The Patient Experience’ with Cloud Communications

In this e-book we won’t just tell you what’s new; we’ll describe the technology and its effect and give you a real-world scenario of how it affects a fictional patient’s experience trying to get her knee pain resolved…
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Cloud communications can help clinicians see patients more efficiently while enhancing the experience from start to finish for both patients and healthcare providers; from scheduling to appointments, treatment and aftercare!

  • Scheduling
  • Appointments
  • General admin
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare

What makes us different?

  • Integration to clinical systems
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Safeguard your practice & patients
  • Enhanced communication to patient groups

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