The need to remain productive has never been more important as we start to return back to business as usual, post-lockdown. The entire economy, as well as public services, are also evolving to become more digital, shifting to a more integrated-yet-agile working model and prompting new questions that may not have even been asked before.

Getting back to business as usual

The main tool you need to work effectively anywhere is a Unified Communications solution. These systems bring all your communication methods – calls, video, messaging etc. – together under one umbrella and make it easy for staff to be contacted at anytime, on any device (mobile, computer, tablet or deskphone).

A solution like Avaya Cloud Office would be a prime example. Download our Guide to Cloud Communications to find out more.

But as restrictions ease and businesses re-open, some employees may have grown accustomed to working from home, finding it easier to stay productive, while others will be relieved to get ‘back to the office’.

99% of staff would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their career.

The Future is Hybrid Working

Therefore, if you have the ability to allow staff to work from home, then you should give them the ability to. However, some may prefer more of a half-and-half situation where some days are spent on-site and the rest at home.

80% of respondents to a recent Forbes survey believe employees will spend at least ¼ of their time working from home.

One of the great benefits of working remotely is employees having more control over the times they work. However, this also means you also have the challenge of maintaining visibility over those employees, to ensure they are still productive and not burning too much of the midnight oil.

That’s why the insights and data functionality within your Unified Communications platform is so important. It should be able to create simple reports that combine your historical call data, such as inbound and outbound call volume, total number of calls, information about missed/answered calls, average calls per day/per user, times, to clearly inform you of who is doing what, how much and when.

Moving to the Cloud Means Simplicity and Agility

As we start to return back to business as usual, the entire economy is evolving to a more digital experience, shifting to an integrated-yet-agile working model that prompts new hybrid ways of working.

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