Native Calling in Microsoft Teams

  • Make and take business calls in Teams on any device, anywhere and take advantage of video and screen sharing too.
  • PSTN Calling through your existing Phone System ensures every user can make and receive calls – a true enterprise voice solution
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Explore Microsoft Teams

Simplify your operation with a reliable, cloud-based enhancement to your existing business phone system that adds the power of Microsoft 365.

What if your team had the space to be more creative, and to share ideas instantly, all while staying in perfect sync with each other?

In a world where collaboration is how work gets done, teams need the workspaces and tools they’re comfortable using, and there’s never been a broader spectrum of workstyles, spread across time zones and composed of a changing cast of characters.

Plus, hybrid working is now becoming an expected perk in most industries. Thankfully, Microsoft Teams brings these diverse, separated teams into one place, acting as the go-to application for all kinds of collaboration and communication.

We can ensure all your systems work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to improve efficiency and staff collaboration while providing a seamless caller experience too.

New Features


Forget about writing up call notes or rewatching recordings… Teams will live-transcribe calls, even identifying who’s talking so you have a completely accurate record of everything said.

Music on hold

Choose your own hold music while callers are put on hold or transferred to other staff. Microsoft also provides default options if you don’t have your own music!


Work with colleagues and customers in more than one language? Teams can auto-translate messages on iOS and Android so you always know what’s being said.


New features like ‘Parent Connection’ and timed quizzes, as well as integrations with Brightspace and Schoology, make MS Teams even better for Education deployments!

Collaboration and teamwork are redefining Voice

Your business needs a modern Voice solution that combines Unified Communications and teamwork.


increase in collaborative work


of employee time is spent collaborating

as many teams


connect to meetings using mobile phones


of workers will be working remotely by 2021

What is Microsoft Teams?

More than 500,000 organisations use Teams.
  • Communicate through chat, meetings, and calls
  • Collaborate across all Microsoft 365 apps
  • Customise your workplace and achieve more
  • Make and take calls directly in Teams
  • Connect across devices
Want your business to communicate and collaborate without limits?
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Partners in technology

Enhance your existing phone system with Microsoft 365

Unify your global phone systems with Office 365:

A complete voice solution, combining your existing Phone System and Microsoft 365 for an integrated comms solution.

Low investment:

Bring new functionality to existing phone Systems without breaking the bank.

Simplify IT:

Increase agility and consolidate management with rapid provisioning.

Scale globally:

Connect your phone system and better communications wherever your business goes.

“The thing that’s challenging is to make sure that there’s a platform for collaboration. Teams are very liquid; we need to keep up with the way our people like to work.”
Jason Warnke – Managing Director (Internal IT), Accenture

Why use a third party to deploy Teams?

Unless you’re a large multi-national corporation, sourcing your Teams solution directly from Microsoft can cause more headaches than you’d expect.

Think of it like baking a cake. If you go direct to Microsoft, you’ll get the basic ingredients, but you still have to bake the cake yourself. Working with us is like sitting down at a nice restaurant to enjoy a dessert that’s been specifically baked with your favourite flavours in mind.

And those ‘flavours’ can be incredibly important for your business. Essential features for contact centres, like call recording and calling queues, aren’t standard within Teams. And if your callers are already used to those features, or you need them for industry compliance, then you will have to add those ingredients yourself.

So, if you need two or more of the features below, working with Future Voice will be far easier than going it alone.

Popular features that we can ‘bake’ into your Teams solution:

  • Call recording
  • Multiple failover redundancies
  • Calling queues/IVR/hunt groups for call centres
  • Truly global calling functionality
  • Mobile/computer mid-call switching
  • Analogue functionality (e.g. call bells for warehouses)
  • CRM integrations

How Future Voice connects your Phone System to Office 365

  • Future Voice provides a simple link between your existing phone system, Microsoft 365 and Teams.
  • No special configuration required and keep compliance features like call recording and reporting.
  • Works with all Cloud and on-premise systems that support SIP Trunking.
  • Users can make and receive calls just as before on their desk phones.
  • No number porting, training or complex configuration needed.

Simply connect your Phone System to Office 365

Keep everything the same:

Future Voice ensures you keep all your phone numbers, extensions and call-flows as-is.

No hardware or software required:

Future Voice is a true multi-tenant cloud service, you simply use it on a per-user subscription basis.

Future Voice is enterprise grade and fully integrated:

Built for resilience and high availability, solutions are designed with business in-mind, distributed across multiple global data centres for the best reliability.
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