Telephone Systems for Schools

Telephone Systems In An Educational Environment

We understand communication is at the forefront within Education. Telephone systems now incorporate smart features to meet the demands of modern devices and tools which parents, staff and pupils now use to communicate. We help design a solution tailored around your specific needs to manage your day to day demands with ease and efficiency within your environment.

A modern telephone system incorporates incredible functionality, much of which can be tweaked and moulded around your operations and procedures to complement and enhance the communications within an education environment.

Our competitors simply look at your requirements as a basic puzzle; “How many lines are required, how many handsets and what type?”

Where Future Voice excel, is by leveraging their vast experience in delivering telephony in education and bringing the bright ideas to the table, while simultaneously alleviating all of the current communications frustrations in an education environment.

‘Not all education environments are the same, but they all experience similar frustrations’

This document is designed to show key stakeholders within the education sector the capabilities of a modern system and how we can improve every users experience, from the senior leadership team, administration and teaching staff to parents – we’ll revolutionise the way you use your phones within your existing budgets.

Your in Good Company