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The Customer

Triton Showers is a leading shower manufacturer, distributor and retailer, serving customers across the UK and EU. Having been founded in 1975, Triton has been on a journey of growth ever since, now boasting 350 staff and a 4.4/5 rating on Feefo, an independent review site.
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The Challenge

Stuart Pearson, Triton’s IT Systems Manager was tasked with upgrading Triton’s Mitel communications system, knowing that RingCentral’s NICE Contact Centre platform was the perfect platform for the company, as other businesses within the group were already using it.

“We knew that our team needed a solution that would enable remote working with a full Contact Centre feature set. Deploying the same system would also provide other benefits in terms of simplified management and billing.”
– Stuart Pearson, IT Systems Manager, Triton Showers

However, that previous deployment hadn’t gone as swimmingly as hoped with several issues that tarnished the initial customer experience, and Stuart wanted to ensure those issues didn’t appear again.

“Things weren’t working in the way we expected or wanted, and so we didn’t want to get into that same situation. So, Future Voice were recommended to us, by RingCentral, as a kind of go-between to ensure everything went more smoothly this time.”
– Stuart Pearson

The Solution

Once engaged, Future Voice ensured RingCentral’s requests were completed efficiently and accurately and vice versa, while being Triton’s sounding-board for any ideas and concerns Stuart and his team had.

“We weren’t quite sure how things were progressing or what was our responsibility, so Future Voice made sure we stayed informed and up to date, basically making sure we weren’t alone and keeping us on the ‘straight and narrow’, which gave us a lot more confidence!”
– Stuart Pearson

This support was invaluable when the planned migration date for Triton’s phone numbers came faster than expected and Future Voice recommended it should be pushed back to allow more time for testing.

“Even though all parties had been informed of the delay, there was a concern that the incumbent would migrate the numbers before the solution was deployed, meaning there was a good chance lines would just stop working.”
– Stuart Pearson

Therefore, Future Voice ensured a disaster recovery plan was in place, just in case, which wasn’t even required in the end.

But, just having the plan in place was worth the peace of mind to Stuart and his team, while having the migration delayed ensured there was enough time to test all IVRs and make final tweaks before the solution went live.

The Results

With all the testing complete and numbers ready to ported, Future Voice ensured a smooth migration by attending site to support the team in acclimatising to the new system and triaging any problems.

Furthermore, the new RingCentral platform has helped Triton showers make incredible improvements to its calling experience!

  • Average call waiting reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds – a 3x reduction!
  • Average call duration has gone from 4 minutes to 3 minutes – helping agents be more productive and take more calls in a day.
  • The ability to request call backs was well received, experiencing up to 118 requests per day.

“We didn’t have call-backs previously, and this is a feature that callers have clearly taken to, which has also resulted in fewer customers leaving negative feedback, unhappy as a result of wait times.”
– Stuart Pearson

All told, Future Voice has been an invaluable technology advisor and support network, tapping the team’s experience and expertise to ensure all factors were considered and that detail-oriented ‘techy’ tasks were completed accurately and efficiently.

And, proven by the post-deployment statistics, Triton Showers has seen phenomenal value from its NICE solution already! In fact, Future Voice’s support has been so critical that it has already tasked Future Voice with supporting its adoption of PCI card payments and call recording via the platform!

“There were two engineers who were present on the day to assist us, and apart from some minor issues – which were on RingCentral’s part, which were further escalated by Future Voice – the migration was completely smooth thanks to Future Voice!”
– Stuart Pearson

Download the Case Study

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