It’s no exaggeration to say technology can be complicated. It’s also no lie that BT will deactivate the PSTN network that we all know better as the ‘landline’ in 2025, which will be replaced by internet-based calling technologies such as VoIP, Hosted Voice or Unified Communications. Consider too that the pandemic is causing many operations to re-evaluate the efficacy of their communications solutions.

Combined, these factors are forcing businesses to try and understand a whole new language of technology, while simultaneously deciding on how to future-proof their connectivity and communication infrastructure.

If you’re one of those businesses, keep on reading to understand what the important factors are when choosing your next telephony service, and how Future Voice can help make it a reality.

What to look out for

With so many services and providers all vying for your business, how can you make sense of all the varying features and decide which is right for your operation? There are three golden rules that we think will help you narrow that selection down.


First and foremost, you want a system that’s easy to use, won’t confuse your staff or require costly training. The adoption of internet-based calling can also mean you can get rid of any desk phones. Instead, apps can be installed on your computers, tablets and mobiles, so your staff can be reached on one number across all their devices.


The last thing you need is broken, low-quality audio quality or dropped calls when speaking to customers and commercial partners. Therefore, finding a service that promises high availability (above 99%) and that has failover assurances in place is essential.


Over and above calls, your new telephony solution should be able to do much more. It should be able to let staff know when others are busy or contactable. You should be able to send instant messages for a quick response and it should be your one-stop-shop for all your internal and external communication.

The best platforms will even be able to work in conjunction with your existing CRM platform, as well as any other vital services you leverage, so your team aren’t having to flip-flop from app-to-app to get their work done.


Microsoft Teams is the perfect foundation to build your complete communications  platform. Discover why and how by downloading our Top Tips Guide.


Why choose Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft has been a business behemoth for decades, ever since Word, PowerPoint and Excel were launched back in the 80’s. Since then, Microsoft Office has become synonymous with business productivity. As the popularity of emails increased Outlook became another must-have for modern businesses and now, Teams is doing the same for communication and collaboration.

With over 75 million active users worldwide, as of April 2020, Microsoft Teams has quickly become essential for businesses requiring reliable communication services in the midst of the global pandemic. High-quality video conferencing and instant messaging have been invaluable tools, but the application has plenty more up its sleeve than video calls.

Ms Teams can also act as your telephone system, with the ability to make and take calls just like you would from a traditional phone line. This will future-proof your calling, in anticipation for the 2025 switch off and provide your team with a robust application from which they can complete most of their daily work.


Learn more about Microsoft Teams by reading our blog: Making the most of  Microsoft Teams in Lockdown 3.0

Why choose Future Voice?

We don’t want to sell you a service and call it quits, we want to get to know you and your team, along with everything you do for your customers, so that we can build a solution that meets your needs for years to come.

Whether you need a single phone line to keep in touch with customers or a more complex, multi-site solution, we have the expertise and range of services to keep you connected.

If you’re looking to future-proof your communications and overcome the obstacles that the pandemic has brought to the surface, get in touch today and discover what Future Voice can do for you.